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News: The sports pages have been chockfull of apologies lately, suggesting we've become a nation of scolds _ or just a lot better informed about some things than we used to be. If the latter is true, and the subject is steroids, we have Jose Canseco to thank. He might be the last guy you would pick to teach anybody about anything. But stay with me for a moment here while I propose that he taught fans a valuable civics lesson _ namely that the system works. cheap Annapolis isp provider, and with the discount Annapolis MD ISP service, cheap Annapolis MD DSL access, and with the low cost internet provider Yes, he's a snitch. Yes, his book (like it needs another free plug), 'Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big,' is nauseatingly self-serving. And yes, he wrote it only because he was low on money and out of things to sell. But consider: He turned out to be the match that lit the flame ... that was stoked by the BALCO investigation and fanned by media ... then turned into a raging bonfire when Congress poured gasoline on it with a series of daylong hearings.
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