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News: Usually a sweep involving NFC North teams means Chicago, Minnesota, Green Bay and Detroit all lost. Not this week, when the NFL's most maligned division went 4-0. And in quite dramatic fashion. The Bears used the longest play in NFL history, Nathan Vasher's 108-yard return of a missed field goal at the end of the first half for a 17-9 victory over San Francisco on Sunday. 'I've never really seen it work, but we always feel like we can get big plays like that. I'm still speechless,' Vasher said. 'I was feeling like I was running the 400 meters out there. I just fell into the end zone. The NFL has been around a long time. For my name to be at the top of that is truly an honor.' cheap Beaumont isp provider, and with the discount Beaumont TX ISP service, cheap Beaumont TX DSL access, low cost internet provider The Vikings also set a record, becoming the first team in the NFL to get touchdown returns on a punt, a kickoff and an interception. Then Paul Edinger's 48-yard field goal with 10 seconds left beat the Giants 24-21. 'I'm glad the guys figured out that we can win the game on defense and on special teams,' coach Mike Tice said. 'Maybe we can figure out ... and start winning on the road, because that's what it takes in this league to win on the road _ you have to play really well on defense and really well on special teams.
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