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News: Biffle, who pitted, had slipped all the way to 13th for the restart. The Roush driver sliced through traffic and eventually caught and passed Busch on lap 281. But the youngster wouldn't give up, challenging the veteran and regaining the lead for good on lap 286 with a strong inside move on the mile oval. It was the second win of Busch's career. He also won at California Speedway in September. cheap Fort Myers isp provider, discount Fort Myers FL ISP service, cheap Fort Myers FL DSL access, low cost internet provider 'He had an awesome race car out there,' Busch said of Biffle. 'I want to thank him for racing me clean the whole time. That was great. I had a blast racing with him. That was fun.' The suspension and the strong finish by the younger Busch took some of the spotlight away from the battle for the title, with leader Tony Stewart finishing behind four-time champion Jeff Gordon in fourth.
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